“FrontRow to Go” Enhances 1st Grade Learning

Published: January 15, 2013


The students in Travis Willoughby’s 1st grade class at West Elementary are moving to the front of class, in a manner of speaking! With the help of a $750 grant from the Idaho CapEd Foundation, a new classroom PA system will be purchased to help children in the back of the room hear Travis as well as the children in the front. Many children struggle with hearing, and the “FrontRow to Go” PA system doesn’t just make things louder, it makes them clearer.


FrontRow to Go is a portable, all-in-one sound system for classrooms and instructors. Research has shown that students from all demographics, not just English Language Learners and special needs groups, can benefit from clear sound projection. Travis expects to see growth in test scores, and improved learning in all areas. Not only will this project improve the education of this years students, but years of students to come.


“I truly believe that this project will benefit hundreds and thousands of students over the years to come.”

-Travis Willoughby

 CapEd News Release (scroll over to view)



Boise State University and Alan and Wendy Pesky, founders of the Lee Pesky Learning Center, will honor four outstanding and inspirational K-12 teachers and their schools with the second annual Pesky Award for Inspirational Teaching on Dec. 21, during Boise State’s Winter Commencement ceremony.

The Pesky Award for Inspirational Teaching, which will be presented in conjunction with Boise State’s College of Education, recognizes K-12 teachers in Idaho who make a major difference in the lives of their students through their passion and caring.

More than 120 graduating education students at Boise State nominated teachers from their kindergarten through 12th-grade schools who had inspired them to become teachers



Tara Handy receives the Plays Well With Others Award

Community Partnerships of Idaho says….”Tara Handy is the Mountain Home Special Education Director.  She has shown outstanding collaboration and leadership skills by securing the best possible educational programs in the school district. In addition, she recognizes the value of collaborating with community agencies to ensure the best interests of all children.  Tara is extremely knowledgeable of all education laws impacting students with disabilities.  She is dedicated to educating parents of their educational rights, and assisting them as they navigate the system supporting them in negotiating and resolving disputes.  Tara believes that all children deserve to receive a quality education.”



Kelly Everitt Wins IASA Media Award -

Idaho Association of School Administrators (IASA) awarded Kelly Everitt, Editor of Mountain Home News, with their Media Award for his dedication to his profession and for his contribution and efforts on behalf of Idaho's students. IASA appreciates his increasing the understanding between educators and the community.

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